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Five Reasons to Love Stitchable Cards

Posted on December 12 2021, By: Nina Yang

Five Reasons to Love Stitchable Cards

Hello and welcome! This is Nina with Waffle Flower Crafts!

Welcome to Day 1 of our introduction to Stitchable Cards!

I'm super excited that my stitchables, originally released as craft dies, are finally available as perforated paper shapes!

We have some big plans for them!

So big that we made this brand new website for them!

All shipping and customer service will still be provided by Waffle Flower!

A Little Background Story

Cross-stitching was my main hobby before cardmaking. I love how simple the supplies are so that I can take them with me almost anywhere; I love watching pretty threads going through the holes as I stitch; I also love the feeling of accomplishment by simply following a pattern!

The only issue was that I couldn't find a way to put my stitched projects to a good use. 

The stitchable cards came when I fell in love with cross-stitch all over again back in January, 2020. I'm so happy that I can stitch my heart out and finish the stitched into cards!

The more I use these stitchable shapes, the more I like them!

Here are my top 5 reasons:

1. Sized for Cards!

All of the Stitchables are sized for standard A2 cards. This means that there are many sentiments and embellishments already available on the market for you to finish them into mailable cards.

Put the finished cards in the mail for someone special instead of worrying about where to store it in the house. Of course, you can save a few for yourself to display on the mantle!

2. Easier on the Eyes!

I designed the Stitchables to be equivalent to 10ct Aida. I feel they are at a good balance of "Cute!!!" and "How much work was that?!" (Wink!) They have not caused any eye strain for me even after hours of stitching!

Comparing to a common 14ct or higher count fabric, less crosses per inch means bigger holes! If the small holes have put you off for cross-stitching, these stitchable paper shapes are worth a try!

3. Easier on the Hands!

Bigger holes means bigger needles! We recommend #20-22 Tapestry Needles with 4-6 strands of thread!

Another reason that it is easier on your hands is that you are stitching on paper! It's like stitching on fabric on a tightened hoop! The needle is easier to go through, and the pressure is a lot easier to control! If you are running into uneven Xs problems, the Stitchables may help!

4. Highly Customizable

These Stitchables are made from heavy weight cardstock, when handled properly, they should be strong enough to hold up to the wear and tear during stitching.

But having them in uncoated stock means that you can use many of the wonderful inking techniques you've learned in cardmaking on them! If you haven't already, subscribe to our YouTube Channel and stay tuned!

5. Exclusive Patterns and Kits!

You may have downloaded the Free Patterns already? We are working with some professional cross-stitch designers to bring you more high quality and super cute designs! Join StitchableCards Facebook Group to be the first to know!

Kits, yes, KITS! We are revealing our first kit on next Wednesday, December 15th! We will start sharing sneak peeks tomorrow!

Stay tuned for the details!!!


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