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Needle & Thread for Stitchable Cards

Posted on December 13 2021, By: Nina Yang

Needle & Thread for Stitchable Cards

Hello and welcome to Day 2 of our introduction to Stitchable Cards!

If you wonder what Stitchable Cards are, we introduced them in the Day 1 post here!

All of our exclusive patterns are designed to work with these stitchables!

Today we are focusing on the other two basic components for cross-stitching: needle and thread!

Needles for Stitchable Cards

As mentioned in Intro Day 1, our stitchables are pre-perforated paper shapes equivalent to 10-count Aida.

We recommend either #20 or #22 tapestry needles for stitching. You can also use smaller needles such as #24 and #26.

Quick tip: the bigger the number, the smaller the needle!

All of our kits come with a John James #22 needle, which should be the best size choice for most people.

If you fancy gold-plated needles, we carry them in our store here!

SC Embroidery Floss

As mentioned in Nina's stitching basics video, we were all ready to carry DMC embroidery floss for our kits until we found out that we couldn't secure the number of threads we needed. Long story short, we came to realize that to have a stable supply of threads, we need to have our own. 

Available in 48 beautiful colors, the StitchableCards 6-strand embroidery floss is made of double mercerized, 100% long staple Egyptian cotton. 

See the stitch comparison below. Our threads have a more subtle sheen but the coverage is about the same as DMC threads.

All of our patterns will list both SC and DMC numbers.

As for how many strands to use, it's really a personal preference!

Below is a comparison between two popular combinations we see people use.

The best way to tell is to try a few stitches yourself!

We've setup a Facebook group where we share free patterns for our stitchables on a regular basis!

Come join us and share your progress!