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[Full Reveal] Susan Bates - Holiday Icons

Posted on August 21 2022, By: Waffle Flower Team

[Full Reveal] Susan Bates - Holiday Icons

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Holiday Icons

For this set of designs I’ve used the stitchable holiday template shapes of the beanie hat, mitten, jumper and stocking. These are fun shapes which add a bit of playfulness to my designs.

The color palette for this set of designs includes traditional reds and greens, but I’ve also included some shades of mauve and purple, for added depth and interest. The shades of white and icy pale blue are used to depict snow and fur. This gives a good range of colors for this set of designs.

When putting together some ideas for these stitchable shapes I drew up lots of sketches and played around with some different simple repeat patterns. So, the designs shown here are my final four favorites.

Below are some thoughts on my designs:

I thought it would be nice to include a snowman on the jumper design as it’s an appealing image - and we all enjoy going out into the snow to build a snowman; young or old! Lately there’s a fashion for ‘bad taste’ knitted jumpers, featuring all manner of Christmas images, but hopefully mine is more cute than bad taste!

We often think of Santa’s reindeers when we think of Christmas, so I thought it would be nice to stitch a simple reindeer onto the mitten shape. My reindeer is in his natural habitat, here in the snow. He could be Rudolph, as he has a red nose!

For the hat and the stocking shapes I thought of traditional knitted motifs such as snowflakes and stylized flowers, so I incorporated these into my designs. The flowers on the stocking design are a very simplified version of red poinsettias. The stripes and patterns on the hat and the stocking are colorful and easy to stitch. Backstitch is used to add a bit more detail to them too.

I enjoyed working out how to incorporate my ideas into these shapes and I think they have turned out to be fun designs which I really hope you will enjoy stitching.


I hope you enjoy these designs and have fun stitching them!