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Susan Bates - Designing the “Gnome Place Like Home” Patterns for StitchableCards

Posted on October 13 2023, By: Waffle Flower Team

Susan Bates - Designing the “Gnome Place Like Home” Patterns for StitchableCards

For this set of winter designs Ive mixed together traditional elements, such as red, white and green foliage and landscapes, with more of a magical theme. The designs feature motifs that appear in woodlands and forests, such as gnomes, toadstools and even a snail - all set against a snowy backdrop. 
Red toadstool: Photo by Sergei Gussev on Unsplash

A gnome in a pointy red hat with a long beard and a red outfit is the main focus of the design for the rectangular shaped card. Gnomes have been popular in many cultures and across many generations. Gnomes (or Tomte as they are sometime referred to in Scandinavian folklore), are thought to bring good luck and prosperity and are often associated with protection. Gnomes are often placed in gardens to act as guardians and they are loved by many for their cheeky disposition. My gnome is set in a snowy landscape, next to a couple of red and white toadstools.

The red and white fly agarictoadstool is often found growing in woodlands. Its bright red cap is very pretty and eye-catching. Some say that the red and white colors of this mushroom were the inspiration for the coat and hat worn by Father Christmas, although Im not sure if this has any basis in truth! This type of toadstool appears many times in fairy tales and stories and is often thought of as a dwelling place for fairies and woodland sprites. With this in mind, Ive turned my toadstool into a cosy little house for magical forest creatures.


On a more traditional note, Ive included a red poinsettia plant. Ive placed it off- centre in the heart-shaped template, as I think this makes a pleasing composition. To me these flowers really sum up Christmas, with their bold red and green colouring. The flower sits on a soft blue background, surrounded by pretty leaves and small flowers.

 For the fourth and final design in this set Ive included a little snail in a jolly red and white Christmas hat, traveling with his letter to post. This image is a pun on the phrase snail mail’ – reminding us that, despite being surrounded by digital technology, it’s still really fun to send and receive cards and letters in the post!


I hope you these designs get you into the festive spirit and you really enjoy stitching them perhaps as gifts to send to loved ones, or maybe just to keep for yourself as Christmas keepsakes!